My friend recently suffered from dengue and we had a hard time in recovering from that, this made me to get my thought out here which is essential to fight any disease, however here I am focusing on what our thoughts were and how we worked our way through it.,

  1. Discovery : My friend had a mild fever and headache on day 1 but we didn’t think it was serious and took a paracetamol even then the fever continued on and off and on again that is when we took him to the hospital, there were no actual signs to certainly say it was dengue and hence they were not able to identify it and sent us back with a blood test showing normal result. On day 2 when the fever continued on we decided to admit him to the hospital and after doing so we realized the discrepancy in the blood test which gave us the conclusion of dengue in his system.
  2. Research : Even though we were scared and had lot of emotional questions on how to inform the concerned parents, the first logical thought that hit us when we realized he had dengue was how could that happen and why not us ?, this question is essential because when some one close to you or you care get sick its essential to protect yourself and then worry on their protection because if you don’t both of you might get sick. After a brainstorm we realized that this outcome existed because of the recent travel he had taken to a remote location a week before, and the only way we knew about the timeline was because we made our research on dengue and its incubation period.
  3. Precaution and Educate : After the research we became more cautious about our surroundings and informed patient as well on how had things came upon to be.  The education part is crucial for any patient because this provides a evaluated and definite time line of things that are going to happen and keeps the patient well informed on what to expect and reduces unwanted tension and worry.  In India or at-least in most part of India there is a lack of knowledge transfer from doctors to the patients and patient family which needs to be compensated by research from the patients end.
  4. Consent, Therapy and Moral Support : When you are infected with a disease that could be fatal or not, there is always a depression that comes along with it (depression is a symptom of dengue by the way), so therapy and constantly being with the patient helps in recovering faster and keeps him/her out of depression, its also essential to have more than one doctors consent at times, which can help patients family to take a well evaluate decision if need be. When my friend was ill we kept company and would tease him as much as possible this kept him smiling, and talking to friends and well wishers who had recovered from similar or same disease also helps a lot to build moral support.
  5. Family : Early on we decided not to inform about the exact form of the illness which would certainly make things worse since his parents were too far to reach in a short time or to logically be beneficially in any-case. Even though we were right in every logical sense but when his family was close, and doctor forced us to get the parents, we felt that his recovery was accelerated by their presence its not logical but that’s what is called family.

So let me summarize what we learned about dengue and provide some links which could prove really helpful.,

Dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes aegypti mosquito infected with a dengue virus, this mosquito commonly bites near the ankles.

Its most common in equatorial and tropical regions

Dengue is viral and has no medication targeted towards it.

The mosquitoes that carry dengue virus also carry other viral strains related to West Nile infection and yellow fever (Jaundice), so its advisable to test other diseases as well.

Doctors treat symptoms not the diseases, so its commonly fever and loss of fluids in the body.

Dengue is fatal but if proper measures are taken its just another regular disease.

Fatality of Dengue is either because of high fever leading to hemorrhagic fever or due to unconstrained blood loss because of low platelet count.

Loss of platelet count is not by it self a complication its just an indicator of hydration level in the body. Drinking sufficient water through the course of the recovery is of at most importance. Drink juice and fluids to compensate for loss of fluids

PAW PAW (Papaya) Leaves Juice, CariPill tablets and TCEF syrup are normally promoted but don’t really help during declanation curve of the disease but are helpful and catalyses recovery once you reach the trough and start recovering.

It takes from 3 to 9 days to decline and start recovering.

Once recovered you are immune to that particular strain of dengue, but need to take extra precaution because there are still 2 or more strains of dengue out there and contracting them could be deadly, and as always

Prevention is better than Cure.

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