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Time Lapse at Nandi Hills!

Last time when we had been to Nandi hills to shoot Sunrise, we couldn’t get the glimpse of Sun due to the dark cloud in the Pinnacle! Ughh!

So, we decided we’ll go there again and capture the sunrise on a sunny day.

Yup, the day arrived and it was unplanned.

Due to change of  plans, we unexpectedly  ended up going to Nandi hills early in the morning.

The site was very crowded as it was a Sunday, but we made it way too early and so no problem!

We captured time lapsed photograph of the Sunrise.

Check out the reddish sun emerging out of dark clouds like a cherry on top of ice cream scoop. Ahhh…So sweet. Isn’t it?

What’s an ideal team?

For a very long time I have been thinking as to what is a right team for a startup?

In almost all the talks on entrepreneurship and startup’s you are definite to hear people talking about success stories of startups and relate it to  one of the three things,

  1. Great Idea
  2. Right team
  3. Right timing

Yup, these three ingredient are considered to be very important to build a company that lasts for long and you can always look for these ingredients in your dream company. But I haven’t found any literature which could provide a scientific reason on proportion and weight-age for each of these three ingredient for a perfect recipe.

As startups we always try to accelerate the process of failure!      

It may sound ridiculous, but yes in lean startup techniques we learn how to fail, how to fail quickly and how to accelerate the process of failure. We don’t want to wait till the product is launched and then know whether customer wants to buy the product or not, instead we develop product by taking the feedback from customer. This process helps in many ways, first it helps us to validate our hypothesis about the problem that we are solving and second we get to know whether the solution we are providing is the right solution.

There is a list of 20 reasons why startups fail and I am sharing the list here, the 3rd in the list is “Not the right team“, about which I want to share my learning today.

I am talking about the 3rd most important reason for startup’s failure, “What’s a dream team?”. 

According to Steve Blank ( author of ‘The Startup Owner’s Manual’ ),  the right team is
made of a Hacker,  Designer and  Hustler.


Hacker (geek) is a technology guy, he likes to build technology, he is a developer, he is a passionate engineer, he creates algorithm, he creates intellectual property and the hacker eats, sleeps and breathes code.

Designer (hipster) is an  artist, he is an architect, he builds the brand, he makes sure that the user interface and user experience is simple and lovable, and the designer eats, sleeps and breathes design.

Hustler (visionary) is a business savvy guy, he is a good sales man, he builds the team, ignites the passion, builds the culture, makes investor pitches and tough decision under extreme uncertainty that startups work and the hustler eats, sleeps and breathes the business model.

Generally, if a startup is founded by less than three people then one of the founder has to wear the multiple hats to balance the team.

In GeekSynergy, we aren’t aligning ourselves to these roles, but we are doing what we love to do, Gowrav likes to build things and is passionate about technology, Anil is an artist and is passionate about designing and I like to build teams and company that impact life of people, I am passionate about business.

Another exciting day!

There are lots of prominent people involved with ‘Innovate for Digital India Challenge’ and many of them are supporting the ‘Digital India’ events in one way or the other. Mr. Rentala Chandrashekar who is the president of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) which is a trade association of Indian Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, was here on 7th Oct, 2015 to encourage the startup’s.


We were informed of his visit to office and were given an opportunity to present a demo of our product. Mr. R Chandrashekar has a deep understanding about the issues and problems faced by the country and the way to tackle it.


Mr. R Chandrashekar has worked as Telecom secretary in Department of Telecommunication and has enormous knowledge about information technology and its role in the development of the country. As we are working in the information distribution domain, his knowledge and his feedbacks helped us to understand the challenges in the domain.

Thank you Mr. Chandrashekar for making time to spend with us!


The Prime day…

We started the Innovate for Digital India Challenge accelerator phase with the anticipation of day when we could meet two minds who are largely responsible to put forward this bold step of making Innovate for digital India initiative, and it came at last on 30th of September 2015.

The day went as follows,

Walk through of projects:

Mrs. Debjani Ghosh, Managing Director, South Asia was here to meet the top20, all the teams exhibited their MVP to Mrs. Ghosh and her team from Intel, she was genuinely excited about the problems that are being solved by the startups. Mrs. Ghosh is a fun loving and passionate person which could be seen during her interaction with the top 20.

Even on the busy schedule they had to keep, she insisted and heard all that we had to say on how each product and idea can be a key towards a better India.

IMG-20150930-WA0005    IMG-20150930-WA0006

It was a proud moment for us personally to present our product and business idea to such a passionate and energetic leader that she is.

Mentor Session:

Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi, CEO, MyGov ( and Prof. Rajat Moona, CDAC, joined Mrs Gosh on the dais and us later in the day at College of Engineering Pune (COEP), where the conference was held. The agenda of the conference was to discuss about the Indian innovations and their impact on the country, which was webcasted live.


The session concluded with questionnaire from the teams and from people on the social network, watching live on the webcast.

Trip to Intel:

After this session we moved to Intel, Pune office and participated in a Video Conference (VC) with Mr.Robby Swinnen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Group- Asia Pacific and Japan.

Mr. Swinnen elaborated the approach of Intel is planning to take to help MyGov and Digital India initiative to reach the nook and corner of the country. It was quite refreshing to hear from the person who had worked in more than 6 countries across Germany, US, Singapore and so on.. how India is looked upon from the outer’s perspective.

1:1 Session:

Three teams (including our’s)  were given an opportunity for 1:1 session with Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi after the VC, the session was short and Mr. Dwivedi gave his insight about the challenges in the adoption and implementation of our project by the Government.

Mr Dwivedi and Mrs Gosh fared us good luck as they had to rush to the airport to get back to their respective corporate worlds and our day started to drift as we took a ride back to Shivaji Nagar in a Uber while the rest of the teams had a head start in the coach arranged by Intel.

Going National

NDTV is here to meet the top 20 teams!

They are shooting two episodes on the Indian innovations and the role they play in Digital India. Two teams of NDTV  have come and we were approached by Jasmine,  Aditya and their team to interview and talk about our innovation. We explained them about AiRpaper and they were keen to understand the project and the motivation behind the innovation. The initial location of the shoot was inside the CIIE office and the next shoot which was scheduled for the next day was shot in front of All India Radio, Pune. Well I think you know why in front of AIR by now!

Shoot in front of AIR had some funny moment too, people walking near by were trying to get into the frame and the camera man had to retake the shot.

Overall it was a new experience for us and it went well.

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