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Unveiling new logo for AiRpaper

As you all know, we are currently progressing in the accelerated program of “Innovate for Digital India”. We are currently developing a MVP(Minimum viable product) for our product AiRpaper. As we are about to finish the MVP(Minimum viable product) of the same, we thought that it would be better to work on our product identity. The old logo which we designed back in June(2015), was done when we had just a basic idea about our product. But now it has changed a lot. We have learnt a lot of things during this acceleration program. We were able to discover the problem we are solving and the solution we are providing in a much more crisp way. Although there is only a small change that has been made, we felt that it would be nice to re-work from the design and the impact(to India) point of view. That is why we thought, this is right time to re-work on our product identity. Let us know what do you think.

Old logo

Old logo

AiRpaper logo

New logo

New Synergy

As you guys know from our first post, we are working on a product called AiRpaper. AiRpaper has made it to the top 20 in the “Innovate for Digital India” challenge, initiated by myGov, DeitY and Intel(check out here) and supported by CIIE, IIMA and TCS .  We are now going through the accelerator phase in Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship(CIIE), Pune.

Currently we are developing a “Minimum viable Product”(MVP). In this phase, we have been assigned a mentor to guide us through the challenges we face during the accelerator phase. Satyajit Suri will be our mentor throughout this program and he has been into the advisory, consulting, and business development for over 15 years. Currently he’s a consultant at Unitus Seed Fund.

We will be having weekly engagement with mentor to update him on what stage we’re currently in and what will be the next milestones in the coming week. He’s spending his valuable time with us on how to reach people, actually make them talk to us and get insights on market. In this week he stressed more on making MVP as soon as possible so that when we approach bigger players it will be good to showcase a MVP rather than talk about what our idea is. He insisted on making use of the opportunity as much as possible. After a brainstorming session we concluded with a group photo!

Thanks Mr. Satyajit Suri for spending your valuable time with us.

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